Click The Button by 2018allen

Review by mdemslie1
01 Feb 2019
I love the concept: kinda a mix of fortnite and the hunger games. Really wish it lasted longer.

Review by Olly Stewart
28 Jan 2016
very short but good idea... wish that you could expand it.

Review by mercymercyoftea
17 Jul 2015
It's good. A tad short but not too bad. I hope there will be a sequel.

Review by busted
11 May 2015
Very good, I enjoyed playing it. Like the previous person in the review I want to point out that there are grammar mistakes. But the overall presentation is great. I also can't wait for round two!

Review by ferociousfeind
09 May 2015
short, but really good! You don't expect the outcome of an action, and the idea is really cool! there are a few(read: a lot, but I don't want to seem harsh) grammatical or spelling errors, but mostly "to" instead of "too" or a missed comma, or an unnecessary runoff sentence, but as stated before, really good! I can't wait for round 2!

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