Castle diary by Something23457

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It was early evening. This forest is indistinguishable from ordinary forest. It is the same as green and green. It is as lush as the trees. It is the clear lake, but it always feels strange to the forest. Maybe it was the relationship in the evening. The trees looked like faces, with a slight smile.

Close to the lake's castle. Suddenly, the fresh forest air and the faint smell of the lake were mixed with a hint of bloody smell. The trees were green with a hint of red, and a little blood on the green grass slowly extended like a castle door... ... A teenager covered with blood rested on the door, and soon afterwards, his side and the door were stained red. As the sun shines on the teenager, he can see his tired face and weak limbs.

The sun has gone down. The moon shines on the sparkling lake, and the castle on the side looks even more gloomy under the moonlight. Calling timidly, we could hear a rush of breathing, as if someone whispered in silence:don’t….don’t chase me anymore….
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