Zombie Survival Story by AMVRocks

You wake up and you have no clue what's going on, there's dead bodies everywhere. People want to eat you, every decision you make affects gameplay drastically, even your first choice will lead you to a totally different path. You choose your path but there's a lot of paths that lead you to your death, but in a few you survive. So, will you survive?


This is my first game, I am new to TextAdventures.co.uk. I may not have the best vocabulary so don't expect fancy words to be used in this game, but I'll use a thesaurus next time on other games. If you see any errors or spelling/grammar mistakes, please comment so I can fix these. Also, please rate and show some feedback, keep in mind that I am new and I've never done something similar. Thanks for playing!


At the beginning of the game, do not click "ignore" as your choice. It's work in progress. If you click it will lead you to an unfinished story line. Choose "answer" instead.

Description Update: I am almost done writing the second part, you guys will love it! ;) In this other main story line I made sure I was more descriptive and more creative. Of course other small paths part from the main story line, those small paths may make you win, or maybe not.

Please Comment any errors or feedback below!!!! I want to know what you think. If it was a piece of sh*t, comment it, I don't care if it's mean, I want to know. Oh, and if it is a piece of sh*t, tell me why you think that and how I can make not make it a piece of sh*t.

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Review by madgirl2020
25 May 2016
It was very short and could have been better, but it was okay...

Review by DarkSkullComics
30 Apr 2016
i dont like this

Review by KevinPelletier
20 Aug 2014
stupid and annoying

Review by MAJilly93
16 Aug 2014
BRAINS! Cool game. Love anything zombie related. Only thing was a few typos, but still worth the play. Looking forward to part 2.

Review by TheHatMan
13 Aug 2014
It was kind of boring, yet it gave you that pre-apocalypse feeling which always brings the plot and all of the feels together. I like it, and I would suggest some changes (even though it is not complete) but good effort.

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