Vampiric Giantesses by HighImpactMoth

A story detailing the attempted minuscule escape from Blut castle, will you be able to evade the elusive giant vampires and their thralls, or will you succumb and become a servant or perhaps a bite to eat?

Be sure to give this story a heart/favorite so that you can better stay up to date with future updates and discussion, I have 4 updates planned, however, one is dependent on another so the poll will only feature 3 for now, comments and reviews are always appreciated, be sure to post-death ideas in the comments below for a chance at having it added into the game.

End of updates:

I am very sorry to announce that the game will not be receiving any more updates, this is because my computer received a virus which caused me to wipe my computer clean, this involved losing the game data for this game, I apologize to everyone who was enjoying this game, I will leave this build of the game up but I will be unable to update the game any more. I do, however, have plans to make more games in the future, so keep an eye out for that, I will be thinking up scenarios and ideas in the meantime.

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Review by Joth
22 Dec 2022
Really, this is only a few months old and I can really feel the work put into it. The mechanics are well thought, and I'd love to see more.
Honestly, I think you may be one of the best GTS writer around here, glad to see you're still working on these stories.

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