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This situation is geared to adults and teen but these illnesses are often seen in children and will be encountered in daily life. This situation is geared towards medication because medication is often where treatment stops but medication is not the only way to treat ADHD, Depression or Anxiety. Before this situation can happen diagnosis happens and costs anywhere between $250-$3000 and that is not a typo it can cost Three-thousand dollars to have someone evaluate you for mental illness/ learning disabilities . Children and Adults with ADHD are “pre-wired” for anxiety and depression. (Rosen, P) Students with Learning disabilities often score higher of depression when compared to their peers without a learning disability. (Maag, J.) ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety often cause sleep issues that are intensified when all are present at the same time. (Mayes, S.)

Imagine yourself as a battery a neurotypical person a decent day should be between 80% and 100% as a starting charge depending on factors like how well necessities are met. For a student with ADHD, depression, and anxiety you are not neurotypical and often the battery those students will be at 60% or lower to start. This means that as a student you are already at a disadvantage. What you are going to be asked to do is go through the situation and budget energy and see the costs medications can run for someone who seemingly is the same as all the other students. Some things charge you up and some things drain you. All prices are from my personal experience. I hope you enjoy a look through the eyes of myself, Tumblr creators, and academic sources.

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