Giantess Escape: Hotel Horrors by FrizzleOfficial

Version b1.0

You find yourself shrunk at the Hazelnut Hotel, hunted down by a sadistic woman whose sole intent is to devour you. You must overcome many trials and tribulations as you evade this diluted psychopath, but will you find a way to escape before she snatches you off the floor and swallows you whole? Find out in this hotel horror adventure surrounded by many oblivious women all of whom seem to be in a strange trance and under the influence of a more sinister force...

This game is a work in progress, what you're about to play is a preview of the opening cutscene, and the 2nd floor of the hotel and their rooms and the characters. Characters have descriptions, but currently no interactions are available. All characters are 18+ only!

This game is going to be fun! If you've played my other game A Shrunken Dilemma (High School Giantess) then you'll definitely be excited to play this as I post more updates! Most characters in this game are actually created by my fans! If you want to add your own submission at a chance to be added in game, then visit my discord and you'll also get weekly updates! Let's make something GREAT!

Discord (Text Quest Inc.)

Credit to TBeeer on the server for making the game cover art for this game!

TAGS: Vore, Feet, Breasts, Crush, Butt, Digestion, Unaware, Aware, Fatal, Non Fatal, Nose, Worship, Watersports, Scat, Cruel Giantess, Gentle Giantess

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Review by AceCrimsonMoon
20 Jul 2021
i don't know what game they played but all you can do is get a long intro of click and wait then go room to room and read girls descriptions only item is a map and no interactive option other then move room and i timed out in the room with the bad girl trying to get eat the concept is cool but as there is no game here you cant get by looking at random pictures of girls

Review by BountyHunt02
29 Mar 2021
Amazing writing as always. I can already tell that this will be among the best games here. Also super cool to see my character in a game. Keep it up!

Review by TBeeer!
29 Mar 2021
Is looking like it'll be an outstanding game and i created one of the characters so that's a bonus ;)

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