Paper Bag by RadiationFever101

You're walking home late at night after a busy day of typing up your story at the library. However on your journey home, you quickly realize some strange fellow appears to be tracking your every move, stalking you with heightened agility and strength.
Review by DeathEmeraldSkye
11 Oct 2023
I love the diversity in endings, but my first ending was 2 of 8. I really enjoyed it.

Review by xX_Moonlight_Xx
08 May 2023
the 7th ending was amazing

Review by OOFididitagain
17 Apr 2020
You should continue this story it's so good

Review by PauMclaren1
21 Feb 2020
This was absolutely AMAZING you need to do another and I congratulate you on your hard work.

Review by immas123
08 Feb 2020
This story is amazing. I wish there was more!

Review by Madame Weirdo
20 Nov 2019
I don't know why I liked this game so much, but I had to make an account just to review it! It's such an interesting storyline and very different, (I'm fond of unique romances). It gaves me chills, while playing, but in both a good and bad way! I also like how the choices matter instead of bleeding into the same ending, very cool. I'm very excited for your next games, it must have been hard work! I'm rooting for you!

Review by Za;\lgoSo\
19 Oct 2019


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