Danger Dylan by Free Rumbling TVS G4

You start shimmying your way up a tree to take the bird’s eggs. Making your way up slowly, you grab a tree branch, which suddenly breaks and you fall, killing you. I don’t want to make fun of you you for your absolute failure to achieve what even young children can accomplish, but I will.

Haha. You cannot accomplish even the shit that little kids do for fun.

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Review by Marzipan
22 Dec 2015
This could have been a CYOA really, there was never any reason to use a parser in my playthrough, it was just a matter of clicking choices. But it was well written and made me laugh so I forgive you. :) Wilderness survival is a favorite subject of mine and there was a lot of useful info in here.

I died punching a shark, but that is a very acceptable way to go.

Review by Drew8521
14 Dec 2015
Great job on this game

Review by DangerDylan
11 Dec 2015
This is offensive. How dare they take a true story like mine and make it into a game.

While I admit that I did learn a great deal about wilderness survival, I cannot recommend such a disrespectful game.

I went through hell, and this is my legacy?

I would give it a 0 if I could.

Would not recommend.

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Free Rumbling TVS G4

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 11 Dec 2015
Updated 12 Dec 2015