Flesh Dimension by yiffcrime

Are you over 18?
Do you have desires that decent society would dare to deny you?
If so, "Flesh Dimension" is the erotic furry adventure game for you!

You find yourself lost in a dreamlike world, surrounded by sensations beyond imagination. Can you escape the Flesh Dimension? Or, more importantly... will you want to?

It includes:
- vore (oral, cock & anal)
- options for:
endo/digestion/hard vore
required consent
sexual content

It doesn't (yet) include:
- sound (this is planned, but I've never really done any audio work before so it's gonna take some time)
- much content (right now there's only one character, but he has 3 types of vore, just over 3000 words, and a bunch of different paths depending on what you choose & your preferences at the start)

Gonna be a while before I update again, started working on this to procrastinate working on a uni coursework retake which should really be what I'm doing right now. You should probs expect an update around the end of July! Hopefully adding a couple more characters & scenes as well as sound, but no promises. Figured it was worth putting what I've already done out there to see if folks like it & get some feedback on my writing.

Also, if a paragraph ends with elipses (...), that means that something else is going to happen after some time. Longest wait is 40 seconds, shortest is 15, lemme know if you think any of them need tweaking. Obviously these waits are going to be a bit more engaging once sound is actually in the game. Enjoy!

Cover art:
Mouth image by Cayenne8 on pixabay (https://pixabay.com/en/lion-roaring-zoo-mouth-open-teeth-1933656/)
Meat image by Brett_Hondow on pixabay (https://pixabay.com/en/meat-steak-ribeye-flesh-raw-1411787/)

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