There is no Escape by Andrew Penniston

School is finally out, and you cannot wait to finally go home and relax! Little do you know that this is just wishful thinking as you are kidnapped! How you are kidnapped? Well, your choices will determine that. In this thriller choose your own adventure style book, you will try to escape a kidnapper, whether it be a strange man in all black or a seemingly kind elderly couple, you must find your way out of your prison and escape back to the police, your mother, and the world you were stolen from. Another thing I need to mention is that within this story there are eight very different and unique endings that you can find through many other endings, all leading up to the escape that you hope you can find.

*This story is a work in progress(WIP) and will be finished in due course. Being a very large project, I just want to make sure that people are interested in this story before I spend over a year completing it. Each scenario, all eight, is like writing a whole new book. Updates will (hopefully) happen regularly with the new link to the game. This link is only there in case the sites link doesn't work properly.

Review by Tempora's Requim
06 Sep 2021
This seems interesting; can't wait until it's finished!

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Published 04 Jul 2015
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