The Voyage of Thanatos by testy1234

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There are not enough choices in this game - interactive fiction is supposed to be interactive!
There were once mighty gods that ruled over the mortals of this Earth... These heartless monsters took pleasure in making the human race dance for their pleasure and the gods were all to certain that we as humans would never dare to resist... They were wrong... The humans united and a once pitiful race rose up to battle the ancient denizens of fear that had killed, raped, and tormented so many humans... After hundreds of years the war that had made the Earth herself weep salty tears ended... Against all odds the creations had overcome the creators and the humans chained the pitiful remains of a once mighty race to a place worse than hell, the humans sent them to a place so terrible, a place so dreadful that I dare not to scrawl the name for my fear is so great, the humans sent them to a place from which they would never return... During the aftermath of the war the humans rebuilt their cities and tried to forget the atrocities that could never be unseen... However, just when a mother felt safe enough to laugh at her babes antics, or when a man felt safe to close both eyes in his sleep, a terror crept from the darkness... It was one who had been forgotten, one who had crept away when the tides had been turned in our favor, it was he who was feared most of all... Thanatos... The god of Death, come to avenge his brothers and sisters who had shared with him the pleasures that torture brings... For many years he has wreaked tormented our race, killing as he pleases... There is no happiness or joy, for Death will take you if you even dare to think that such pleasures could exist... But, something has changed... You have been born to this world... You have been brought to this land of tears to bring joy... It is up to you, to be a hero, to find Thanatos and bring him the judgement he deserves... It will not be easy... He knows you are coming... He will throw horrors you cannot imagine into your path and he will laugh as your heart withers inside of you... Be strong and you might have a chance... Be strong and you might just save us all...

P.S. This is my first attempt at text adventures, please leave a comment and tell me how I did, I am open to all suggestions. Enjoy!

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