The Walking Dead: Episode 1-A New World by dj_kalujerry10

This Book is made by the company: DZ Enterprises!

Book Info:
When the World goes to hell, what would you do? John and Max are in that situation, and their world has been turned a world of zombies! You will have to make choices to keep them alive, and each choice you make will impact the next episode. In DZ Enterprises's The Walking Dead, there are 3 Books (3 Episodes) and each book will follow the choices you make, and that will impact the story in future episodes. Keep reading for info on the Game and Book company DZ Enterprises!

Info on DZ Enterprises:
DZ Enterprises is a company that makes games and books for a living, and now, they have a website. On the website you can play our games and read all of our amazing books! The website link is:
If you are a DZ Enterprise Walking Dead fan, you can get regular updates on it in the website's Update section. If nothing about the Walking Dead is in the update section just keep checking everyday for new posts!
But the Walking Dead isn't the only book they offer. They offer much more books, that you can see on the website!

We hope you enjoy the book and we hope you visit our website!
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