The Ultimate Adventures of Brock Bama by DeMurikanSniperDood

This game will be very hard so good luck being president of usa!!!!!!!!1

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Review by RiceBread219
10 Mar 2021
very good game very poggers very nice thank you for making game an long live brock bama

Review by Sarah3456
05 Jul 2020
the fucking best thing to ever happen to me
thank you for making this life changing game

Review by Dolan Duck
20 Mar 2020
This is the funniest thing ever

Review by oceanman1093
14 Sep 2019
Very E P I C This Is Filled With So many Choices And is Very Funny This Has Blessed Me

22 Aug 2019
This really belongs in Comedy! This is a real funny game, too.

Review by LemonGrabJuice
09 Feb 2017

Im Brock Bama

Dis was mazing

Review by Jesse Richardson
18 Jan 2017
While you're at it, make a Donald Trump game!!!

Review by ParableDood
17 Jan 2016
I got killed by Micheal Jordan.

11/10 IGN best game ever

12 Nov 2015
This is absolutely incredible. It's as stupid as you'd have to be to click on something like this in hopes that it would be serious. Also, it's so funny that I died. Then I came back to life to read it again.

Review by MisterPibb316
03 Sep 2015
This site has a lot of short games that I suppose one might call 'troll games', or perhaps 'joke games', but that could be quite forgivably confused with anything in the genre of comedy. In short, this game is a goofy little (and by little, I do mean little--it's over before you know it) comic sans thing that makes light of the current U.S. President and his supposed propensities for... stuff. Anyway, if you think you'd enjoy that, play it, but don't expect anything more.

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