You are Snow 1935 by Tildy

A short text adventure about emotionally abusive relationships and jazz. All that remains of an abandoned novel. Make of it what you will.
Review by hannaivety
09 Jul 2016
my gosh, i love this. it's so simple and subtle yet emotional. i also love how despite being short it is, it has a few more endings. an amazing read. i love it!

09 Feb 2015
Artistic, simplistic, yet beautifully complex in so many ways.
And I actually read and hung on to every word.
About 2 minutes to get through once, no more than 7 to get through all of the endings.
So perfect.

Review by Tale Weaver
28 Dec 2014
*slow clap*

Review by TonyHApprox
01 Nov 2013
Pure art and worth rereading.

Review by RainbowBoom
29 Oct 2013
Amazing. very emotinal,

Review by botlgnomz
19 Sep 2013
Makes great use of the medium - I definitely felt trapped.

+1 to storyspoiler's comment.

Review by storyspoiler
18 Sep 2013
Daring portrait of an emotionally abusive relationship. Excellent atmosphere. Short game, very much worth a playthrough.

24 Jul 2013
Interesting atmosphere and tone.

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