Apocalypse Outbreak by JustAnotherTeenageGuy

DESCRIPTION: Zombie adventure horror game (with sounds), with a retro vibe that seeks to immerse you in the beginning of an apocalypse where the choices and movements all depend on you. The gameplay is simple and doesn't require to think complicatedly in this first stage of the game. It starts with very simple commands and story, only to see if you would like the game to continue being develped, so please leave a review on it so I can be aware.

STORYLINE: The outbreak of a mutated virus that can bring back the dead from their eternal sleep has caused masive panic over the whole world. You have survived the first 3 months of it and hopefully will start to live instead of just surviving. Do you have what it takes to make the best decisions and survive?

FEATURES: Healthbar, limited inventory, sounds.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I've decided to not split the games and just make one big one. It's gonna be a lot of work but I hope you enjoy it so please review honestly (wether it's good or bad) to take things into consideration. I'll try to make the game customisable as well. Feel free to comment and review

-Added money
-Changed map size
-Changed font
-Changed panel
-Minor bug fixes

-Minor bug fixes
-New intro text

-Now you can access to your inventory typing "i", "inv", or "inventory".
-Now you can kill zombies with the crowbar too, you don't just need the knife.
-Fixed phrasing errors.
-Fixed bug where it wouldn't let you take some stuff from the first aid kit.
-Fixed minor bugs.

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Review by MrPikmin16
03 Jan 2018
It's actually pretty good from what I've played so far. Not sure what the other guy was smoking.

Review by ThunderHenry
03 Jan 2018
this game is horse shit

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