Choose Your Own Adventure: Murderous Math Mystery by Kirkevold

Summary of Project:
This is a very abbreviated version of a long-term project I recently started.
The premise is that it is an online version of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, where you have to solve math problems to advance further in the story. A wrong answer results in the end of the adventure.

Why This Medium:
I chose Quest because it does not require any downloads and it is extremely easy to modify without any knowledge of programming.

What's Great About This:
Turns out, I really love writing adventures! This is a fun program to use, and I think it will be fun for students to interact with. There are lots of options for adding images and videos as I flesh out the story or lesson.

What Was Challenging:
The creation can be pretty daunting. It is very much like writing an entire book, even for this shortened version. It is more time-intensive than something like Kahoot!.

How This Applies to My Teaching:
This is something that could be easily adapted to many types of courses (math or otherwise)! I am very interested in continuing to add to this file for use in my own classroom. Ideally, I would have a math adventure for each major unit we cover in the classroom. It would be a great tool for review. Students could even use this website to write their own adventures!

Thanks, everyone!

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