The Warm Belly Inn by Teksune

This Game Has Been Discontinued.

This was made when I was trying to find my footing and figure out how to protect my content. I originally made these games for a Patreon audience when the content scraper problem was bigger than it is now. By doing so, all I did was alienate my audience and tick off everyone. I realize now that trying to protect my content is pointless. If someone wants to steal the content, they will. This was a losing battle from the start. I am no longer going to attempt to restrict or lock down content. I'm sorry for anyone I've angered in my discovery of this fact.

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Review by Techno09
15 Nov 2022
Dude, you wanted people to PAY for this crap? I played the game for 2,5 minutes and I already 100%'d it. Even my game, that I admit, is pretty low effort, has 10000000000000000000x the content this PAID game has. ABSOLUTE TRASH.

Review by bryce2211
23 Jun 2019
the command order drink doesnt work

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