Bloody Streets by Newwwwwho

Once, you were a happy Panama girl.

Then, the U.S. thought all of humanity was evil, they didn't know some cultures prized human life, animal and plant life, and thus, went killing caring, kind people and bad people alike.

The U.S. Gov. created a family, they matched up a Heavily Misanthropist man with a heavily Misanthropist Panama woman to make you.

If Panama knew what the U.S. Gov was planning against it's own people, Panama would start a war to stop them and save all of the U.S. people, their own and others.

Luckily, The Gov. wasn't so sure of this plan of nuking their own and random other countries, it'd start wars.

So they sent your family to make you, The Gov. called you a "Savior" for being the one who'd kill all of humanity, while unknowingly killing innocent people and bad people alike.

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 09 Sep 2021