Alien 1 (RC) by FG YX text-ventures

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Hello its RC creeperz again!

Im back with the part 2 of strange vending machine:

Alien 1 !

this took me 3 days to make, so please be kind and tell me any problems in the comments. Rate it too!

---RC creeperz

Annie scrukger (you)
David kennel (your future BF and a alien)
Breaddy (you pet bread blob) [going to be in a game]
kevin killerman (the new manager)
guard (guard)

RC creeperz (me)
Rhys 2000 ( my brother)

Games going to be made after this game:
Alien life (the part after annie got infected and falled out of the window)
Lazy bread (the part after breaddy went into david's house )
Alien 2 (the part 2 of this game)
None yet!
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