Narcissus Fated by 8LeggedMenace

A Choose Your Own Adventure about Narcissus trying to avoid his fate.

Author's note:
This game was made as a final project for a 100 level Classical Mythology class back in 2014. The assignment was to take a piece of classical mythology and remix it in a new medium. I'd already made a game with Quest earlier that year so my co-author and I decided to make a Choose Your Own Adventure comedy about Narcissus. We had a great time writing it and filled it to the brim with references to the class material. Watching the class actually play through it was a blast.

I was VERY glad at the time that we went with the Choose Your Own Adventure format instead of the parser based text-adventure. It meant that players actually got to see the content and freed us up to spend more time focusing on writing paths rather than bug-hunting the parser. It taught me some important lessons about the value of scope. As for the writing, I was reading a lot of Pratchett at the time and I can definitely feel his influence creeping into my sentence structure. In hindsight, we definitely got too punchy with jokes about Tiresias's blindness. Were I writing it today, I definitely would not have gone there but that's the advantage of age and hindsight.

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Review by CloudlessKnight
19 Aug 2022
Beautiful, I loved learning about Greco-Roman myths as a kid, and the writing is great, you've actually done research (wish that class had been an option for me, sounds fun).
Hit a Bad End, though, so I'll try and solve it later.

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Published 29 Apr 2014
Updated 16 Aug 2022