positrons are explode h by Patrick Hydar

positrons are explode h, in a world devoid of clams Philip Johnson has nothing to eat. a hungry Philip Johnson is a dangerous Philip Johnson.

it is the year 1346, clams have gone extinct,

<u>lurch violently forwards</u>

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11 Jan 2024
I am very confused

Review by broadwaydude
28 Dec 2022
Well, this is interesting. It's an OK game. Very random fun stuff. Quite enjoyable, for sure!

What made this game stand out for me was simply the first three lines of the game.

"the year 1346:
you are dead
>violently lurch forwards"

What a magnificent start to any game. Short, and informative, but leaves the player wanting to understand the context of these lines. If you plan on seriously making a fully realized game, you should consider recycling this opening. Very exciting.

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Written by
Patrick Hydar

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 11 Nov 2022