Shrink Test Lab by SpacePandaGTS

Very quick test game! Please note: This is a very early access version of the game and may have bugs and will not have all the final features! This is my first game, so if you have any tips or bugs to report, please let me know! Other than that, have fun!

NOTE: I'll be taking a small break to try and catch up on ideas and other stuff, see ya in a bit!

Disclaimer: NSFW
This game includes topics of death and violence, if you are faint-hearted, turn away.
This is a fetish game including giantism, vore, and macrophilia! If you do not enjoy this, turn away!

*All interactable and sexualized characters are 18 years old! *


0.1: Starting Experiment. -Crush centric
Beginning concepts
Crush - Security Worker, Scientist, Melissa
Buttcrush - Scientist
Vore - Melissa
Boobcrush - Melissa
Shrinking room
Shrinking room command centre
Hallway L-End

0.2: (BUG FIXES)
Fixed cases of breast death by Melissa, even when the player is out of the area.
Fixed ability to leave mug after entering.
Added new dialogue when entering Hallway L-Mid

0.4: Lunch break! -Vore centric
Crush - Security Worker, Scientist, Chef, Boss
Vore - Scientist, Chef, Boss
Hallway L-Mid
Hallway L-Top
Office 1
Office 2

(FUTURE) 0.6: Power nap... -Genital centric
Body exploration - Scientist (Sleeping -> Awoken)
- Vore
- Buttcrush
- Boobcrush
- Unbirth
- Anal vore
Cock vore - Maid
Anal vore - Maid
Crush - Maid
Room 1
Room 2
Toy room
Room 3

0.8: Commute. -Gentle

1.0: Finalized documents. -Overall

+Extras or bug fixes

May have expansions after the final product if I'm still interested.

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Review by CrimsonHawk12
14 Jun 2024
Fingers crosses on the update

09 Jun 2024
Still waiting on an update.

Review by CaliTea
21 Apr 2023
I actually enjoyed this quite a lot! Your writing is really good and the interactions are quite fun <3 I look forward to all the future updates to come!!

Review by Cramberries
20 Apr 2023
Love it so far. Bet 0.6 make this game even better.

Review by ermosas
11 Apr 2023
Great writing so far. I really like your writing style! Love to see where this goes! Keep up the good work!

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