Digital Dementia (Chapter 1) by Max V. Weiss by pequod

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This is chapter 1 of "Digital Dementia" by Max V. Weiss. If it gets a positive response and reviews I'll post the next chapter.
Here's what one early reviewer said:

Somewhere between William Gibson and Raymond Chandler, this is a fast paced cyber punk spy adventure, filled with twists and turns, and just enough futuristic science fiction details for me to geek out on. Quint was a code jockey for mega corporation Plexol, but something snapped and he left the high paid job, ending up homeless and living in a dumpster. But soon someone comes calling, pulling him back into the fast paced tech world to help solve a mystery. Why is Plexol's brain chip causing people to suffer from "digital dementia." Who is behind it and what is their goal? World domination? A great read, check it out

“Monday morning I woke up in a dumpster.” So begins the most exciting journey into cyberspace since Neuromancer. Digital Dementia tells the story of mega-corporation Plexol, it's powerful brain chip implant, and one man’s fight to save the world from technological domination.
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Published 04 May 2017
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