Torture by CAAYr67

Never ending. Well it does after a while.

This game is not intended for those who are easily disturbed. This game includes, death, physiology, creepy dolls, murder, and blood. Please be warned!

(The random uppercases and odd letters are the game glitching.)

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Review by Ater Imber
02 May 2021
Not scary. This could maybe scare a little kid (maybe 8 and under), but definitely does not need the Teens+ rating.

The story was repetitive and lacked a good flow and voice. It wasn't compelling to play, and although it is described as 'never ending' it didn't take that long to play through. (I'd say maaaybe 5min) I could kind of see what they were going for (torturer becomes torturee) but the execution wasn't very good, and because the game was so quick, there wasn't really time to develop the proper confusion/slowly losing your mind that's needed to make the concept work well. I think they should work on their story telling/writing skills before trying again.

This game definitely has potential to become a good horror game (especially if they fix all the errors), but as it stands now, I'd say don't bother.

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Published 19 Mar 2021