Cold Memories by gratqaz

Jacob Hale
EMST 4510
Dr. Gilbert

Cold Memories is an interactive narrative that follows a retiring detective on his last day at the station. Your goal is to make decisions about how the detective should use his last day and see how these decisions affect the rest of his life. Depending on your choices, and possibly your detective skills, the narrative can either be a Comedy, a Tragedy or a Procedural Thriller.
Review by JoJo1
04 Nov 2018
The game is very atmospheric for a text adventure and very short that mky only down side the mystery is hard to solve if you don't pay attention and it's very .fufilling

Review by Deckrect
12 Sep 2018
The game started with tons of expectations and looked very promising. The idea of the terminal to investigate evidences and files was very cool, as well as the private mails too. The text is very good and clear, and the aesthetics chosen for the game screens is wonderful and places the player in the very mood for an investigation.

The problem is that the case is not really complex and there is not much to do about it, giving a really short experience in game terms. It would deserve a more complex case and some more investigation for the player, but as a test or a study of format, it was amazing and very well executed.

I suggest the author keep ding this sort of games. Very talented.

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