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It is about a black cat being found by a dark figure but! some people wants to kill him because he broke up with all of his ex's but they won't give up on him but one night when the guy that found him was taking a shower, the cat named "shion" gotted shocked and ran away from the bathroom but when he ran past a dark room he goes in it and when a person tries to grab shion his new owner saved him just in time,then the guy that fond him and the guy that was going to reach out for him well they stared to fight but when the guy that was close to reach him dropped a little bottle on the ground but the owner didn't see it but only shion, so shion jumped out of his hand and opened the little bottle and drank it. when the guy that was about to reach him he saw the little cat drinking it he suddenly stopped fighting back and ran away, when his owner saw him the cat started to groan with pain,slowly the owner came closer and !black out! find out more! tell me more if u want more k?!
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