Shrunken Massage Service by smol_spelunker

You were shrunk to about five inches tall (that's about 12 cm for those who don't measure the world in cheeseburgers per baseball game) a while back and figured out that you could make a handsome life for yourself servicing the unique needs and curiosities of women via the art of shrunken 'massage'. Currently, you are the owner-operator of Muff Divers Inc where you, along with the help of your secretaries Jenny and Kiki, preform for women or groups of women who pay for your services.

Tags: Shrunken, Giantess, Sex toy, Shrinking

Version 0.2
This new build has fixed a lot of the errors that were in V0.1. Also, the interactions are more refined, the game is all around more playable, more settings have been added, and Kiki has been added as an interactable giantess. In my opinion, this is a 1000% improvement over V 0.1; it's far from perfect but a lot better than where we were. Let me know what you think.

Version: 0.1
The current build is very basic, I just wanted to get some bare bones giantess interactions up and running before I start expanding into new and exciting situations and features.

If you'd like to show your support, I would really appreciate a review and/or some art (you don't need to be great, any effort is appreciated).

Planned updates (in order):
-Learn how to implement a rudimentary system for chatting with the giantesses.
-Add at least one more giantess (this might be Kiki; she isn't present yet)
-Add more kinds of interactions
-Add another setting for Jenny
-Possibly start adding 'home call' scenarios for the player
-Refine some of the interactions

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Review by possumpants
05 Oct 2021
The game is amazing. I didn't have high hopes after playing through version 0.1, but 0.2 is infinitely better. I'm super excited to see where it goes from here!

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