Hunted | Episode 1: Life by TakutoUmata

-Loosely based on and inspired by Life is Strange 2
Credits to Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix

-Overview: You take control of Jake Kendrick who is hunted by the police and has to protect is younger sister, Marie Kendrick. Along the way, Jake finds himself having strange powers that could help or hinder his journey.

Episode 1 Synopsis: Jake Kendrick lives a normal life with his dad, Charles Kendrick, and his sister, Marie Kendrick. That is until all hell breaks loose and he is forced to flee from the police with his sister, Marie.

-Your choice means everything. All of your actions will effect how the story plays out, your relationship with other people, how long you can escape the police, and most importantly, how your younger sister views you as well as how she will act.

-How far will you go to protect your blood?

-Episode 1: Life | Play Now
Episode 2: Runaway | Coming Soon
Episode 3: Protection | Coming Soon
Episode 4: Power | Coming Soon
Episode 5: End | Coming Soon

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Review by Emiko Takahashi
17 May 2019
This is a great story! I love it! Can’t wait till the next episode! 😋❤️💖💝

Review by JustinBY
16 May 2019
Really good and well crafted story. Can't wait until episode 2.

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