Choice of the Dragon by Choice of Games

Play as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun.
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Review by Honeysplashcat
11 Jun 2023
It looks good, is a lot of fun to play and the writing is good too! It also increased my vocabulary of words that are worthy to be spoken by a dragon :D

Review by BlazedOverCat
29 May 2022
The game is amazing. I'd say the best part is the stats (brutality, honor, etc.). It was fun to terrorize the land and rule part of it, while also being seen as a deity. Great game.

Review by Ivy425
19 Aug 2021
I totally love this game! Sure, some choices matter, some don't, but this is amaZHANG!

Review by Savio
11 Oct 2020
It's alright. The choices don't matter very much though, you end up with the same battle at the end regardless of how you conduct yourself throughout.

Review by Evfiro123
26 Aug 2020
AMAZING! My Favourite Game So Far!

Review by tundran
10 Jun 2020
One of my first games I've played , was a great experience! Very detailed and engaging! I really like the perspective of a mighty dragon :)

09 May 2020

Review by clashmantrala
08 May 2020
Thats the best textadventures game i've ever played in my life.It was very fun and i liked it a lot.
Cant wait for your next game! :D

Review by lil.ollie
18 Apr 2020
its really good, but i cant figure out how to impress a mate lol

Review by OOFididitagain
15 Apr 2020
Really fun game I like it alot!

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