The Room In Which No Name Could Be Found by databasekei


"A dramatic epic of love, betrayal, trust, and the ongoing war between you and the people you care about... also Jeff the Killer roleplayers, those guys are an issue" ~ Devincooper64

The Chat Room has no name, but you enter it anyway.
You stumble upon your friends, who were waiting desperately for you.
They needed you here, badly.

But for what?

"222,22, fuck" ~ Beccalovegood

"drunk callie" ~ Princess Monogatari

All of them are drunk and need your assistance.
Something is out there, making everybody turn into drunken whores.
You are the only one that can stop them.

"Jesus. I only put a drop or two of vodka in her drink. Why is she so topped? *reads label that say 99% volz per drop* oooooh." ~ Mr.stache65

You are the only one that can put the end to the Roleplayers

"* PrinceCreeper eats the entire chatroom" ~ PrinceCreeper

Unless you wanna get drunk too.

"*Pours vodka in a glass* becca! have this. It's... Water." Mr.stache.65

The Room In Which No Name Could Be Found, full release coming June 2014

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Written for Quest 5.5
Added 08 Mar 2014
Updated 08 Mar 2014