dontPush by Filamena Young

This is my first twine game. It is a birth experience. Here’s a few things that are true. this is only a chain of events that are possible. Not for certain. Not even necessarily probable. This is not a ‘normal’ birth. There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ birth. this should not replace medical advice. this is a vaginal delivery. If you have had a cesarian birth and have trouble reading about vaginal births, you might find this game troubling. at times this game will require you be patient. Childbirth is about waiting, in many ways. And it is often frustrating as result. I used profanity because I use profanity. If that offends you, pretend I said ‘stuff’ and ‘fudge’ instead or something. play this game. Tell other people about this game. This game is NOT for pregnant people alone. This is for people who will not ever experience birth, who will, who are scared to, and who have before. this game is meant to take you on the internal path of a pregnant person. There are many people involved in a birth, but the focus is not on them. this game is gender ambiguous on purpose. PPD is a real thing and it effects many people after birth. It is not a focus of this game, but it is important to remind everyone it’s a serious issue. If you know someone who has had a baby and seems down, talk to them. Let them know they are not alone. If you have had a baby, you are not alone.
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Review by Nix7125
20 Dec 2019
Queasy but fascinating

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