Generic Quest by sol476

I don't know, See for yourself!
Keep in mind this is my first published game and its for an English assignment

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Review by ArcticYetiWampa
22 Sep 2013
Everyone seems to have been hard on you, so I'll be a bit nicer :)
It was short, and slightly entertaining. It had a story. I think choosing the wrong option could have had more of an effect on the story. The story was a bit linear. Maybe if you were to make a sequel, you make it a bit more branching.

-6.7/10 or 3 stars

Review by xavea
19 Sep 2013
It was short, but sweet. I noticed one typo > "gaurds" instead of 'guards'. I did dislike the lack of concrete effect that my choices had on the story, even when I chose different options, I would either die or end up at the same location as the other choice two screens later. But, considering it is your first posting and is a homework assignment (high school? post-secondary? Maybe I need to go back to school if programming and IF game are the assignments now.) I thought I it pretty good. I expect you received/ will receive a good grade, especially if you fix that typo!

Review by miladragon3
18 Sep 2013
Really short. Kind of boring. I would give it a one, but I've seen games much worse than this, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is your first game.

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Published 16 Sep 2013
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