Wandering and Shrinking (1.1.3) by Raddaman8000

No more updates. It's good enough. Don't ask.

You are a person in an infinite hall of rooms with random items in them. You can interact with these items in multiple ways, and hidden somewhere among the rooms is a shrink ray so you can have even more fun. But be careful: shrinking around the wrong characters can and will lead to a probably horrific death. Is there a way out of this infinite conundrum? To play, I highy recommend you use the command buttons on the side unless the game tells you you need to type something out.

WARNING: The narrator is not a representation of the author, but a separate character entirely, so any snide/mean comments he makes are not my responsibility.

1.1.3: The "Overdue" Update Changelog:
*I'm back!!! (I will try to release the next updtae as soon as I can, this update is just to let you know that I'm still alive.)
*New bad ending! (The good news is that you don't die, so this is actually the only neutral ending in the game!)
*Streamlined some quotes to make them easier to understand.
*Removed dropping the shrink ray.
*Removed being able to exit rooms while sitting down in the chair.
*Fixed attempting to shrink the cat without a shrink ray.
*Picking up the tv screen will cause an error message to occur. However, this does not affect the game itself, and it still funtions properly (If ANYBODY knows how to fix this bug, please contact me. I've been looking for that bug for a long time, yet haven't been able to find it.)

Possible future updates:
*Audio and images (Now guaranteed!)
*Shrinking other objects/NPCs (It'll probably be way too much trouble to make EVERYthing shrinkable, though, so don't count on it.)

Please comment any bugs you may find, as I may miss some things during testing. ^_^

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Review by Weevers666
13 Apr 2023

20 Feb 2023
you should be able to shink and get sat on by a girl

Review by quora
08 Feb 2022
PppAaaSssTttAaa PASTA

Review by Brokxn.lyssa
07 Feb 2022
Good game but idk how to give the bowl of pasta to the hobo

18 Oct 2019
It's OK, but if text adventures could be classified twice, I would say this is humor as well!

Review by CoolFunnyJames
25 Nov 2018
I was gonna rate 4 stars but I'm just too dumb for puzzles, so not counting user errors, I'm giving it 5, it's amazing and entertaining, pictures would make it even better, also I can't find the TV, I once accidentally found it and it did work anyway.

Review by necrom
19 Mar 2018
hope you continue you the game

Review by GR
28 Jan 2018
Simple and fun :D

Review by G0D0FDEATH99
18 Jun 2017
Good job. Maybe add some ub.

Review by Steliostamatis
15 Jan 2017
This game is fantastic. The puzzles take a while to think the solution to, and it's sometimes comedy gold. All in all, it's awesome in all aspects!

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