Bobby the Fisher by Duodecimus

Bobby the Fisher is a skilled fisherman in the kingdom of Kriegspiel. He is happily fishing in his usual location one morning, and notices a strange stillness in the water. Furthermore, no fish are is biting at his line, which he finds odd. In search of fresh fish, Bobby heads to his nearby town to see if other merchants have any for sale. On his way to town, Bobby stumbles upon a mysterious lake called Deep Blue -- a rumored bottomless lake with glowing blue water. However, contrary to its name, Deep Blue is looking rather shallow.

Desperate for food, but not expecting much, Bobby casts his line into Deep Blue and catches Morphy the Fish -- a mystical being that was created centuries ago by a Powerful Wizard. Morphy explains that he was tasked with guarding a mystic portal known as the Revery, that was created to connect and regulates the devastating natural elemental imbalances of two parallel kingdoms. Morphy also reveals that Deep Blue is the location of The Revery, and that it was recently stolen by a Mysterious Cloaked Figure. Now the balance has been disrupted, and unless the Revery is returned, both kingdoms will be destroyed.

Unsure of the Mysterious Cloaked Figure’s motives, Morphy urges Bobby the Fisher to reclaim the stolen Revery and restore balance to the Kingdoms of Kriegspiel.

Made for a University Project.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 01 Dec 2015
Updated 11 Dec 2015