TradeMe by dennislwm

TradeMe is a trading simulation game for kids to learn finance.

It is playable as a time-based challenge, where the player starts with $20,000.

She can purchase electronic wearables from a store.

She can earn interest by deposit and withdraw money into her bank account.

She can earn profits by buying and selling stocks in the Stock Market.

At the end of the prescribed time, a summary of her portfolio is printed on the screen.

Completed Front End
- Bank (including deposit, withdrawal, interest)
- Stock Market (including buy, sell, 3 stocks)
- Store (electronic wearables)
- coda wearable stock advisor

Completed Back End
- Day and night cycle (for opening and closing of stores)
- Bank interest rate cycle (easing, tighten, stable)
- Stock price is determined by futures
- Stock futures is determined by bank and sector cycles
- Stock history is a list of past stock prices
- Creates randomized metrics based on current cycle

At the end of each bank cycle, which lasts between 3 and 6 game days, the bank will publish a new interest rate.

A lower interest rate, or easing, creates a bull stock market, while a higher interest rate, or tightening, creates a bear stock market.

Sector economy has not been implemented, but this should be similar to the bank cycle. For example:
- agriculture sector economy, i.e. bull or bear, is determined by a weather cycle.
- tourist sector economy is determined by time of year cycle, etc

Uncompleted Back End
- Sector economy cycle that is tied to related stock performance

Uncompleted Front End
- Each sector economy has a research house that gives some leading indicators
- news wearable news alert
- player should be allowed to spend their money on consumption, i.e. house, car, etc

Any suggestion or constructive comment is welcome.

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Published 29 Oct 2020