Hella Awesome Pirate Adventure! by Varr

Do you want to be the hero of your own pirate adventure?

If you said yes, you're a true pirate at heart you'll want to play the Hella Awesome Pirate Adventure!

Every choice you make will be a hundred million times more fun and exciting than you can imagine.

You can punch someone in the face or cut them with a broken beer bottle, or fight an entire bar full of pirates...well, nobody said they were wise choices, but they're hella fun.

Oh, yeah, and this chapter is on the house.

That means it's free.

No hidden fees.

No pop up ads.

No extra costs for "extra features."

Just play it already.

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If you log in before playing, you'll be able to save your progress - which means you can come back later and pick up where you left off.

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Review by coolsoeb
12 Nov 2017
Short with a lack of seriousness

Review by KYS
26 Jul 2016
I'd love it if it was slightly longer. As it is, it's a solid funny game. I just wish you could add more substance too it, you know?

Review by GreenJester
31 May 2016
This game made me laugh so hard. It has a boss sense of humor and it shows you had a lot of fun making it.

Review by MrBinks
05 May 2016
Put "Chapter 1" in the title, so that no one is expecting an full-length game. It's cute, and it lasted 10 minutes, but I was hoping for something that lasted a bit longer.

Review by Furiously
04 May 2016
Wicked awesome....is that an option?

Review by wagnernico
23 Apr 2016
Hella funny!

Review by Keekeesbleeding
10 Apr 2016
This game seems really thought out and i enjoyed it! Didn't loose interest not once. I was smiling and having a good time threw the whole game but might i suggest maybe make it a little bit longer? Either way amazing job i envy your game making skills its wonderful.

Review by Ricardas_Steckas
12 Jan 2016
It's amazing peace of writing here. Totaly recommend for everybody! Sadly It's way too short (something like a demo).

Fantastic - 5/5, no doubt!

Review by malcolmish
12 Jan 2016
Noice Noice Noice

Review by asdfghjkl69
08 Dec 2015
i'm sadistic

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