The Forgotten Girls by Brent H.

You and your friend Pari have been digging out an escape tunnel. Yesterday she told you that it was ready and that she would come get you right after dinner. Unfortunately, it's already night and she's half an hour late, which is worrying you very much. Even worse, Nikhil probably isn't planning to leave for at least a few hours, and by then you doubt you'll have any chance.

(The following story was written for Vanderbilt University's 2012 Commons Reading Competition. It was inspired by "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide" by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.)
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Review by stupidsmarttart
19 Jul 2020
Wow. The game does an amazing job of bombarding you with all the same emotions the main character is going through. As it goes on, the “real-ness” of the entire scenario and terribleness grows and it’s just powerful.

Review by Juhii
31 May 2017
I struggle to do everything omg, but really good game. Probrably placed in Sonagachi right? 5/5

Review by ThatYoungGenius
25 Jan 2015
So touching. I highly recommend playing this. Really reveals what's behind the subject. Best game I have ever played, well done.

31 Jan 2014
Very well done, I like that it's showing the horrid-ness of the whole situation so more people can open their eyes to it. But as well as the story and message being great, the game was hard and good(THANKYOU FOR HINTS) and just furthermore shows the intensity and the problems in the situations. Good game, well worth it to play. I was very intrigued.

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