Game Developers Conference 2009 by Jim Munroe

"You're actually here. The Gee Dee Cee. You don't know which session to check out first. Unlike your hometown, you're one artist among many here -- exciting and intimidating.

Exciting because between now and Friday you might be able to put together a game development team with the varied people here, but intimidating because you don't know a soul. Luckily people all have their names printed on their badges, that's one thing you don't have to worry about."

Sponsored by GameSetWatch/Gamasutra, Jim Munroe went to GDC 2009 and then wrote his experiences into a "social interaction simulator". The goal is to get together a development team for a new game, after encountering and making friends with artists, coders, designers and promoters. Each playthrough is partially randomized and outcomes vary.
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Written by
Jim Munroe
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Published 04 May 2009
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