Deserted by Zalzalah12

In a time of war, you get stranded on an island and are forced to make life or death decisions. You must try to survive and escaped a brutal island.

Some things to note:
- If your hydration reaches zero, you will die.
- Each day you start with a set amount of actions available and you have to strategize how you spend those actions. (Eating and drinking don't use actions)
- There are hints in the game that are often overlooked and those hints could save your life.
- The goal of this game is somewhat up to you based on what decisions you make, but there is a way to get off the island and choose your fate.
- This is a serious game that is meant to be difficult and somewhat realistic to an extent. Being stranded on an island is no easy task, especially on this island.
- Contains explicit language.
- This is a work in progress game, don't expect it to be perfect. We have a lot of ideas of things to add to the game like a more interesting resource gathering system, adjusting random events in the game more, more activities for the player to do, and much more.

Good luck, and feel free to express how you feel about the game. All reviews are helpful, good or bad, and if you have any ideas on what this game could improve on let me know!
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