Easy Money by Kirk Karanza

A stock market simulator.

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Review by Alien Invasion
06 Jul 2013
Yeah, this should be in the simulation category.

A fun diversion.

Review by tehatl
19 May 2012
A Poor Game This Is...
And It Should Be In The Simulation Catagory!

Review by Carlii Cortez1
01 Jul 2002
Easy Money, as you probably already know is a stock buying/selling simulator and is quite different to your average RTF game. Instead of walking around, speaking to people and picking up objects you stay in the same room and buy/sell stock! I might've given this game 4 stars if it weren't for the few bugs (e.g. selling quantity buy) and the lack of quality but if you are interested in the stock market and prefureably a mature adult this is a worthwhile download and like most Interactive Fiction Games it takes up zilch space. I must say, I was quite impressed with the authors style in the way he produced this game! All it needs is a few more options, a few more stock holders, a few more unique things in the game and it would be a 5 star quality!

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Written by
Kirk Karanza

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Written for Quest 2.1
Published 22 Dec 2000

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