Eagle's promise (a warrior cats oc's story) by Drachi

This is a WIP and the FIRST I MADE, so dont be too harsh with me. Hope you enjoy reading/ playing it :D

(Warrior cats by Erin Hunter)
11 Aug 2020
Here's everything that happens in the game:In the Windclan nursery:

"Eaglekit, wake up!", your sister, Hawkkit, wakes you. Your mother, Falconflight, lies next to you and sleeps.
Literally. Nothing else.

Review by BottlecapJazz
20 Jan 2020
Save yourself some time and don't play it unless it magically updates. The few pieces of text it has is quite boring and bland so it is not even worth reading.

05 Jan 2020
Oh yes all cats have bird names! That`s so creative right? And I agree with Cupcake With Strawberry Frosting:

yay it short and boring yay!

31 Mar 2019
yay it short and boring yay!

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