Project U.H.A. by IcarusSans

A.I.D (Artificial Intelligent Development) has gathered a group of people to train and enhance, with the help of an A.I. And luckily enough, you are one of those people. In this world you will be: Drugged, Kidnapped, Probably killed a few times, betrayed, thrown into a secret war that has been fought for centuries and nobody has ever realized it, and of course modified into a super human with your very own A.I. These A.I.'s will help you fight in the war, discover dark secrets, or maybe even turn you into a complete genocidal maniac, it all depends on your choices.

Now I am new to writing like this so if you see any errors please feel free to tell me i will try to fix them as soon as possible okay thank you. Also this story really isnt spouse to be take seriously its just for fun and laughter. Okay yeah enjoy.
Review by Trevor Tarrants
21 Aug 2016
I'm exited to see the future of this. It sounds cool.

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