The Woman Who Wanted To Love: A (short) Fable by John_Daily

This is a creepy little tale I wrote a number of years ago, while playing with the rhythm of the words and the fable format. I think it actually makes a better gamebook than a short story. Enjoy!

Created with Squiffy
Version History:
1.1 (4 Oct. 2015)
-added more interactivity at the story's end
1.0 (3 Oct. 2015)
Review by PureClover6711
15 Aug 2018
Wow, twist ending. The one thing that made me not give it five stars was the format, I found it a little clunky, and the changing of the words halfway through each section made it a little tricky for me. I loved the story though! It was very dark :)
I do suggest maybe using less passages, and maybe switch to twine? Otherwise the story was very good.

Review by Pompomlife
16 May 2018
It was amazing

Review by Minam
29 Dec 2017
Very good little story. I had a good time reading it.

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
Very good but not really a game at all.

Review by Gothly
08 Jan 2016
Loved it! Sick and twisted.

Review by Drew8521
13 Dec 2015
Great twist ending!

27 Nov 2015
Very good and great twist

Review by MightyMerlinStyle
20 Oct 2015
This is really good! I didn't expect that ending...

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