Life of a Salesman by Day

Through the eyes of Linda...
Review by happysappygirl101
20 Jul 2016
I didn't think it was a very good take on Death of a Salesman to be honest. The grammar was off, and the endings weren't specific as to what the final outcome of each ending was (unless the player has read Death of a Salesman before, and even then, the story endings are lacklustre and almost random). I like the idea of playing the life of Linda, but it just didn't pan out well in this game.

Review by samuelreroa
23 Apr 2016
I had expected it to be sort of more turn over and exciting, but anyway a good job!;) I wish you imposed more applications or colorful tools.

Review by pietre61
11 Mar 2016
Great story

11 Mar 2016
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Review by Cameron Drake
10 Mar 2016
Wow this game is so amazingly fantastical! Never in my life has a story such as this achieved in totally immersing me into the game. I really felt as if I was in fact Linda. This young prodigy of a developer should go down in history. I would rate this much higher if I could. Brava.

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