The Quest of the Unknown by Dark-Al

So, you've appeared in a strange room with no idea of where you are, who you are and what your quest is? What do you do?
As you soon as step out the room, the adventure begins. Your quest starts just in the plain unknown and becomes more and more apparent as you adventure through an mysterious Realm in a QUEST OF THE UNKNOWN!
As with most adventures, this one can only be completed through the method of trial and error. Learn your mistakes and listen closely to what the game has to say. Then, you can conquer all challenges that come in your way.

Are your senses tingling for adventure?

Fore-note: This game was developed for a BTEC ICT project for games development. If you do spot any grammatical errors which are not regional spellings, please place them in your review, in the review section below and I will attend to them. There was never was a plan for this game in the first place, due to the idea being cobbled together very quickly after the original idea being too complex to develop with the engine required.
Thank you and enjoy.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Added 14 Mar 2017
Updated 25 May 2017