50 Shades of Jilting by Rowan Lipkovits (as Lankly Lockers)

The relationship is in a walking dead situation: it's over, only continuing to move onward solely on inertia.

One way or another, it ends here.
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Review by the_ringmaster
26 Oct 2015
Fun at first, but the excitement fades as this turns into a verb search. Some obscure ones are accepted, but more common ones like TAKE, AGAIN, or UNDO yield little results.

Reminds me of "Aisle" as there are 50 moves in 1 play. I gave up at 49.

Review by TheUnspecified
18 Oct 2015
This wasn't that bad.Actually,it was kind of fun.More people should play this.

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Written by
Rowan Lipkovits (as Lankly Lockers)
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Published 13 May 2014
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