Teen Suicide by alishia2014

Teen suicide is a prominent issue in the U.S. today and has doubled in the past three decades. A youth suicide occurs once every two hours, twelve times a day, 84 times a week and over 4,000 times per year. The suicide rate for young people now exceeds the rate for the general population and is the third leading cause of death among people aged 15-24. Suicides are often misreported as accidents and approximately 14% of high school students have made a suicide plan. 8% have reported attempting suicide and 20% have considered it at some point in their lives.
Risk factors that increase occurrence of suicide exemplified in this game are rapid social change, a natural disaster, alcohol/drug use, family crisis, loss of a parent, and bullying.

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Review by Manggagapas
17 Jan 2017
Alright Kids,

Let's dive into this wondrous 4 year old's attempt at a text adventure game,

Well, the game just doesn't seem finished. First off, all the photos seem to be stock photos, nothing too awful about that, but they seem as though the creator just googled "School" or "Alcohol" and picked the first thing that came up on Google Images. The main character Lily isn't even consistent in the photos. The only thing that stays consistent is that she's a white girl with constantly changing facial structure, body type, and hair color and thickness. My second problem with this game is the English. The grammar isn't awful, but still needs work, an example being "because she has rag clothes" or "Daisy has very bad depression". Now we get to my biggest gripe with the game. It just kinda stops after you make a choice. You chose not to have sex with your boyfriend, too bad. The game ends with your choice highlighted at the bottom of the screen. No game over, no restart, they didn't even have an ending screen. So most of the time you have to click a certain option each time, or start the game over via the refresh button. The first choice is the only one where you can actually pick either option, but if you pick the bottom one, it gives you the option to "Inform a teacher and make sure the students are consulted with." The students are only mentioned in the other choice, and of course, picking this option is the only way to progress the "Plot". The game has a very thin story line that really just hurts to play. Characters are introduced and then forgotten immediately, nothing seems realistic, and apparently she moves to an upscale urban community, but has no house? I've grown to dislike this game more and more the longer I play it. I've reached the only ending in the game and all it gives you is a picture of a white, blonde girl in a graduation outfit smiling. No text, no nothing. It isn't enjoyable bad, it's just bad. I know this review won't stop you from playing it, I'm just hoping you won't play it for over 30 seconds.

To summarize, it's like someone combined Big Rigs Racing and Rebecca Black's Friday, sucked out all the enjoyable parts and made a text adventure game.

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