The Ambergris Heist by SlapstickGames

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WARNING: The following is a NSFW choose your own adventure story complete with illustrations. It is a slapstick experience where you take the role of an unlucky home invader who ends up on the receiving end of numerous pranks and humiliations.

SYNOPSIS: You play as the villainous villainess -- Madame Vil Ene -- as you invade the Johnson family's suburban home in an attempt to rob them of a valuable treasure! But (unfortunately for you) the house is guarded by twin siblings Jinny and Jimmy who, along with their guard dog Rufus, have booby trapped the house to stop you from succeeding. During this game, you will try to best these two quick witted kids who have a slew of pranks and punishments planned to stop you from robbing their house and destroying their lives!



The majority of the artwork in this adventure was drawn by the fantastic TheRafaLee. He is available for commission and his work can be found at:

The art for the dining room sequence was contributed by Zzerver. His work can be found at: and

Two pieces were contributed by Gubblenub, whose artwork can be found at:

Two wedgie pieces were done by Marmotap, whose artwork can be found at:

The closet piece was contributed by BoscoloAndrea, whose artwork can be found at:

The naked ending picture was contributed by Ja3ger, whose artwork can be found at:

The paddling ending picture was contributed by Criminal Kiwi, whose artwork can be found at:

The bare bottom ending and one of the garage pieces was contributed by Nasbak-Cryman, whose artwork can be found at

And a very special thanks to TheShockerManiac, who I must thank for contributing the cover and several other pieces of original art for this project and allowing me to use his original character: Madame Vil Ene. If you are interested in seeing more of his original works, they can be found at:

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Review by Lada97
10 Sep 2020
Great Writing, stuning artworks, both sides will be pleased. :)

Review by fmlftlvr
16 Aug 2020
Great game! Fun and creative.

Review by SuperStarr
29 Jul 2020
Great game! Very funny and full of amazing artwork!

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