Fading Light by JonQ

Your eyes flutter open just as the lamp in your small apartment flickers out. Another earthquake finishes its last wave as dust falls on your face. Time to restart the generator. You grab your flashlight.

Your apartment is sparse and dusty. The window shows the bleak, familiar view of the cliff face on the outskirts of your subterranean home.
If these earthquakes keep up, your whole city might be swallowed - no, not the time to think about that. Just get your toolbox, fix that old generator, and get back to bed.

The tunnel opens up into a round, filthy room. Bones litter the edges and strange shapes shift in the shadows. Those old monster stories come flooding back to you. These creatures of the apocalypse were attracted to the light and friends with the dark. But you cannot navigate in complete darkness. Maybe you flashlight can be used in a way to throw them off...

By Sofie Ettema & Jemuel White (Edited by Jonathan Himes)

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 12 May 2023
Updated 12 Jun 2023