Rogues Adventure by FourSuits

Welcome to the Rogues Adventure, a text-based puzzle adventure game!

Three important things to know before you start playing:

1) This is a puzzle game, not a hacking challenge (although that mindset will help you in the game).

Yes, you could download the game files and find the answers to the puzzles (and see my very kludgy code). But that isn’t the point. This game is an opportunity to have some fun and stretch your mind in different directions, so please no cheating, hacker’s honor.

2) Please don’t post spoilers.

Enjoy the game? Awesome! Come talk with us about it on the DEFCON forum ( or on Twitter @RoguesVillage with the hashtag #RoguesAdventure. We will give out hints if people are stuck, and we love collaboration, but make sure not to ruin it for anyone else.

3) Save your game, get on the leader board.

If you make a free account on this site you can save your progress, which we recommend. Also, if you want a chance to be shouted out for your progress (and a shot at the leaderboard) then when you see an Achievement Code on screen take a screenshot or write it down and submit the code through our form here: (Again, this form and these code are not super secure, but you also don’t gain anything by cheating them, so hacker’s honor.) Submitting your Achievement Codes is not necessary to complete the game, only if you want recognition of your puzzling prowess.

Also anyone who bought the Inter-Village Badge really should see a psychiatrist ;)

NOTE: This game does include some swearing and adult concepts, probably best for ages 13+

(To everyone who was struggling with the chess puzzle in the Smoking Lounge: The correct answers start with a move from white that 100% guarantees a mate on the next move regardless of what move black decides to make, not a move from white that achieves mate the next turn only if black makes a poor move.)

Lastly, from the whole RV team (Z, J, and B), a big thank you to everyone who made this game possible:
Michael from Monero Village
Elise (@Dog_and_co_illustration on Instagram)
Tenzin (@pikkarex on Instagram)
MY and JY
Nat and Charlie
rx gamble
Woody Aragon

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